Leadership Team


Dean & Joy Kitchener: Pastor & wife

Dean & Joy KitchenerDean is a fully accredited AoG minister (since 2014) and has been Pastor of Breakthru Church since April 2009. He has been happily married to Joy since 1990 and they have three children (Hannah, Joshua and Elizabeth) and a Red Fox Labrador called Maximus.

Before becoming Pastor, Dean had served as an elder in the church since 1992. In addition to serving as Pastor Dean also currently holds a full time job with BAE Systems (Chelmsford) as a Research and Development Engineer. His wife Joy serves as PA/secretary for both the church and for Brentwood Foodbank. Brentwood Foodbank is run by the church in conjunction with Dodd Road Community Church, Brentwood.

Chris & Marj Day

Chris & Marj DayChris & Marj Day led the church from 1982 to 2009. They are still actively involved in all aspects of church life, and their wisdom and experience remain a great asset in the church. They are the spiritual Father and Mother of the church!

Chris serves on the leadership team of the church, acting as a 'Pastoral Adviser'. Marj is a valued member of the church council, and both continue to provide input with regard to the church direction, vision, and strategy. As Dean woks full-time, Chris and Marj shoulder a lot of the pastoral care in the church, and Chris also participates in regular meetings with other church leaders in Brentwood, to maintain good relationships with them.

Joy Kitchener is Chris and Marj's eldest daughter. They have two other children; Paul and Rebecca.



Tony & Judy Barker

Tony & Judy BarkerTony and Judy have served on the church leadership team since the mid-nineties. As well as serving in a general leadership role, Tony is the church treasurer. He is the only treasurer that I know who can sing the financial report at the annual AGM! Tony and Judy have run 'The Marriage Course' several times, helping to enrich and strengthen the marriages of attending couples. They are involved in many aspects of church life and have played key roles in building the church up to be what it is today.



Breakthru Church is a limited company and a registered charity. The company directors/charity trustees form the church council, which is responsible for the management of the organisation. The trustees are:-

Jackie Locke

Jackie is married with two sons and has been a  valued member of the church for many years now. Jackie serves on the church council as well as acting as the Sunday School coordinator. In addition, she is actively involved in many aspects of the life of the church, including assisting with the Brentwood Foodbank, participating in prayer groups, and initiating and helping to run various ladies events.




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